Sunday, March 3, 2013

Project #9 Progress Report

My Personal Learning Network

A Personal Learning Network or PLN is the set of people and tools you can call upon for collaboration, consultation, help, or any other type of assistance throughout school and your career as a teacher. I created my PLN using Symbaloo. Symbaloo is a way to organize your PLN. I have been adding sources to my PLN through Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. I guess I have really been working on a PLN way before this class started. I just did not know what it was called. I have used Pinterest a great deal to pin lessons and study guides for the new core curriculum. I also use it to pin a lot of useful technology ideas because my cousin is the tech coordinator for the Mobile County Public School System, so I am always up to date on what’s new for the classroom. I am trying to expand in the twitter world but I am honestly not a huge fan of it. I also have a large teacher friend database through Facebook. It is a learning process and as I grow and learn as a teacher my PLN will expand.

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  1. Jamie, you seem to be a very passionate leader with lots of motivation behind you! This is a very well thought-out blog post, in my opinion. I like what you said about reading hard-copy books. Although I am in full support of technology expansion in schools and breaking tradition for the good of the future of our students, and I do still like to read a normal book every now and then. My eyes also hurt a little after spending hours on a laptop, as well, so I know how you feel there. This post was great, but there are a few slight grammatical errors that I noticed. A few times I saw sentences that needed comma splices and a few run-on sentences. I also once saw where you meant to type "about" and typed "amount" instead. These are extremely easy errors to make, and I have made plenty of them myself! I know that I suggest this idea to other people a lot, but it really does help. If I were you, I would get someone to proofread my posts before I published them. You mentioned that you get a headache after staring at screens for a long period of time. I can be the same way sometimes, and therefore don't always notice the mistakes I make unless someone with better eyesight at the moment points them out. I just suggest this because I know that it has definitely helped me before, and I think it can help all of us from making minor mistakes. Otherwise, you made some very valid points, and you seem to have a huge heart for you future classrooms. Keep up the momentum! :)